What do we specialise in?

What sets us apart from other training business in the client service/experience space? We have over 20 years of experience in retail working with small owner operator businesses to national and international, stand alone and multi-site operations. We know firsthand the formula to creating engaging experiences that return long term and sustainable growth to your business. Most importantly we know and understand clienteling. We know how to train for it and we have experienced the financial benefits that this mindset and level of personalisation brings to a business, even in the digital age.

How are we different?

We have a very clear understanding of a client service vs a client experience. Too many businesses transform areas of their business but not their whole business. More often than not we see customer facing units left behind in the old economy while other sales channels move to the experience economy. We will help you align all of your channels so that your customers receive an authentic experience at every touchpoint in your business. Regardless of whether you are intending to implement a CRM for your shop floor, we know and understand how your business will profit from total alignment to an authentic and personalised client experience.

Get to know Katherine

Creating engaging and compelling experiences within brands that turn clients into advocates, lift sales, increase repeat visits and dramatically slows staff turnover. I am Katherine and I am the Client Whisperer. For nearly 30 years now I have been and active practitioner in the field of customer experience. I don’t just look at one area of your business and walk away. I have the experience to work with you and your teams to create end to end authentic solutions. I understand that when a client says “I am going shopping” that in today’s competitive environment they mean “I want to look, touch and feel. I want to be entertained, engaged and educated” With the advent of the digital age it’s not the purchase they are looking for it’s the whole experience from the brand. What I don’t do is client service, what I do is client experience. If you are after help to create long term sustainable growth through creating an authentic client experience for you brand and business let’s talk.

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