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  • Why undertake customer experience training with the client whisperer?

    Many retailers today are unwilling or ill equipped to tailor more personalised customer experiences despite a recent combank survey where 82% of respondents said they would spend more in a store where they felt valued. With over 20 years’ industry experience we can guide you through creating a sustainable and authentic customer experience

  • What’s the return on investment for becoming a customer experience business?

    It costs more to attract a new customer than retain an existing customer.  With over 68% reporting they are more likely to return to a business that remembers their name, order or previous purchase can you afford not to.  In addition, your already loyal customers are moved up to being your advocates and they bring new customers to you.

  • I only want to train the leadership team and store managers and roll it out through them.

    The current leading customer experience brands back their strategy by stringently training their entire workforce and as a result have become market leaders that are not to beholden to the constant sale and discount cycle to sell their goods and services.  They have abandoned the process of Chinese whispers to educate the bulk of their workforce.

  • Why are you called the client whisperer?

    74% of recent respondents to the combank survey said they would remain loyal to a business that personalises their experience.  We have been successfully teaching clienteling to many different businesses for over 20 years and know that mindset produces long-term sustainable growth in business.  It also compliments all CRM systems by making your customer experience more authentic than your competitors.

  • Do I need to do all of your workshops?

    After an initial obligation-free consult to discuss your needs, we can advise which modules best suit your current requirements.

  • How long are your modules and training?

    We can recommend a time frame based upon the needs of your business.

  • Are your programs customised or off the shelf?

    Whilst we prefer customised training, because we believe the training will be more successful if it is written around your core values.  However, we are also able to offer quality public and off the shelf programs.

  • Why should we work with you?

    Our signature clientele sales training and other services that radiate from it aims at increasing return business, slowing staff turnover and increasing sales. We have produced upwards of 15% sales growth.

  • We are a national company - are you able to offer services Australia-wide?

    Yes, we are here to offer training Australia-wide: both capital cities and country centres.

  • What’s the next step?

    Contact us by phone or email to discuss how we can help increase your sales and turn your customers into advocates.

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